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The Coronavirus Dictionary for Kids

Ask – The virus is new to all of us. Don’t be afraid to ask question 
Boundaries – Your family vacation was cancelled?? It’s a bummer, but in order to control the virus some countries decided to temporary close their borders
Crown – The visual look of the virus is a crown, but don’t think for a second that he  is a king
Diagnostic – the main signs of the disease looks like the flu: fever, tiredness, cough. But remember, not every flu is a corona
Elbow – if you sneeze (God bless you), do it to your elbow
Food and products – it is important to gear up with food that you like and other essential products for a few weeks
Gym – we may not be able to exercise our muscles when we are isolated but it is very important for us to find a way to move our body
Hand washing – these days it is very important to wash your hands often with soap, especially after eating, going to the bathroom and sneezing. BTW, this is important regardless of the Corona 
Isolation – One who is suspected with the Coronavirus needs to be isolated. That means to stay at home without being in contact with other people. You can do whatever you want: eat, play, take a bath, read, but not see other people
Jokes and humor - are blessed. They are keeping us positive during these times
Kids – The Coronavirus doesn’t like kids, so you are less-likely to get it
Looking for information – it is very important to be informed so you can know what you need to avoid in order to stay safe
Mask – people put masks on their faces: nose and mouth in order to protect their surroundings 
Namaste – this is the new ‘Hello’ these days. Instead of shaking hands we clap our hands together and nod 
Optimism – it’s very important to have good vibes and keep being optimistic. It helps make everything seem easier
Panic – there is no place for panic when you know the orders and follow them
Quality time – to be isolated sometimes isn’t fun, but it can be quality time to do things that you never get around to do
Rumors – the Coronavirus created many rumors. Rumors are born when there is no certainty. People invent rumors to fill the need for information. Get your information only from reliable sources 
Scientist – many scientists around the world are trying to find a cure for this virus and well as a shot to avoid getting it in the first placeTelevision – a great way to get information but also an opportunity for distraction 
Uncertainty – there are many things we currently don’t know about the Coronavirus, like where did it come from? When will it be over? It is very difficult to be in uncertainty, to overcome it we can put “ ! “ on things that we know for sure
Virus – it’s the small little fella that you need a microscope to see, that makes all the mess all over the world
Worry – when you don’t know what to do, you start to worry because you want to feel that you are doing something, but worrying doesn’t help in this case. If worrying appears we will share it with Mom or Dad
Xoxo – we all love xoxox, but these days we try to minimalize physical contact as possible
You and I – if we feel good, it is important to look around us and check others who may need our help
Zoom in, zoom out – sometimes we need to zoom in on the Coronavirus in order to follow instructions and sometimes we need to zoom out in order to keep our routine life